Yohimbe Bark

Figure.1 The Appearance of Yohimbe Bark

.The Yohimbe Bark is a very interesting plant. The scientific name for Yohimbe Bark is Pausinystalia Yohimbe (Balch, 2000).The Yohimbe Bark is a red bark found in Evergreen trees. The Yohimbe bark are a reddish brown color. They are found in dry lands like the deserts. They are usually found in the Western Regions of Africa (Balch, 2000).

Figure.2 This map shows that Yohimbe Bark is found in the western parts of Africa

Product: Yohimbie Pill

The product that Yohimbine Bark makes is Yohimbe. Yohimbe is a drug that is used among males (Balch, 2000). Yohimbe is taken to increase libido and blood flow to erectile tissue(Balch, 2000). The Yombie bark comes from the Evergreen tree’s in Western Africa. It takes all the bark in the tree to make Yohimbe. Many males purchase it from a drug store, and they can get it pre-scribed to them by their doctor (Jim, 2010).

Making the Product

Step 1.
Step 2.
Step 3.
Step 4.
Step 5.
Step 6.
The bark is picked and cut of the Evergreen tree.
The Yohimbe bark is then sun dried
They crush the Bark into tiny pieces.
They are sent to the factories.
They are packaged.
After done packaging, they are sent to the drug stores.

Figure.3 This table shows how The Yohimbe pill is made Normandi, A.D. (2009).

Figure.4 The Yohimbe Pill
Figure.4 The Yohimbe Pill

Beneficial Impacts

The Yohimbe Pill its used to help increase the libio and blood flow to erectile tissue (Balch, 2000). The main people that use this are males that cannot get an erection (Balch, 2000). The Yohimbe pill is mostly recognized for its wondorous ability to help males get an erection. This helps most men around the world to have sexual intercourse, which helps them have babies. This help the population grow. Yohimbe has also shown to prevent heart attacks (Jim, 2010). There are many other sexual enhancement pills like Viagra, but another thing the can enhance sexual activity is eating sea shells. The Yohimbe pill has replaced Viagra because it is a lot cheaper than Viagra.

Harmful Impacts

Figure.5 This picture shows a male experiencing skin flushing
Figure.5 This picture shows a male experiencing skin flushing

Yohimbe is a very harmful product. When this sexual enhancement pill is used, it has a lot of harmful side effects (Smith, 2010). Some of the side effects are anxiety, panic attacks and hallucinations (Balch, 2000). Also, Yohimbe can cause elevated blood pressure and elevated hearts rate, headaches, dizziness and skin flushing (Wilhelm, 2010). It may cause elevated blood pressure and elevated heart rate, headaches, dizziness, and skin flushing (Balch, 2000). If the Yohimbe pill elevated the heart enough, the person using it would die(Jim, 2010). Before using the Yohimbe pill, you should not eat the following things: Cheese, Red Whine, or Liver(Balch, 2000). If you have Diabeties or if you have heart problems, you must see your doctor before using the pill(Jim, 2010). Alternatives that are available are eating seashells. They also help sexual enhancement. Another one is Viagra, but Viagra has some of its own harmful side effects.

Figure.6 The product Viagra, that is more harmful than Yohimbe
Figure.6 The product Viagra, that is more harmful than Yohimbe


The Yohimbe plant is a very interesting plant. It helps males in many ways. It helps them get an erection and it helps them to increase libido. The Yohimbe pill helps males to have sexual activity so they can produce more kids, which helps the population grow. There are many other pills like this, but most of them have a lot of harmful side effects. The Yohimbe has side effects of its own like skin flushing, increases heart rate, and elevates blood pressure. The Yohimbe bark is a very wondrous plant for males.




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